Charnwood Forest Garden Railway

We're more than just a railway....

Running Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays throughout the year.

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About the CFR.


The Charnwood Forest Railway started in 2000 for a 'Day out with Thomas event'. At this time it was a small oval of track and there were no plans to make it a permanent feature. The CFR was such a hit, it stayed down for another few months and was extended a bit more. Eventually, later in 2000 the track formed the 'L' shape which is still the main shape today!

As a couple of years went by, the railway became bigger and more permanent, a shed road and shed, passing loops and sidings were added. By 2006, the railway had a double track main line, sheds, station bays and a rack railway. Here we are today, 13 years on, still running trains, still extending the railway and still having as much fun as we did 13 years ago!

This video shows a mix of footage from 2012 and 2002 - How things change in 10 years.

Track Gauge:

The Charnwood Forest Railway is a G Scale layout (45mm) which is narrow gauge (1/24.5 scale). There are companies which do make standard gauge locos and stock to run on G scale such as PIKO and USA trains. The CFR has a mixture of narrow gauge and standard gauge stock that run on the railway at different times.

Track Plan:

The CFR’s current track plan is a sort of 'L' shape but with sheds, loops, sidings and two branch lines.


Running the CFR.

The line is completely water proof and can run in all weathers; the only thing which stops the railway from running is high winds for the simple fact that it blows everything off the track!

Thing to see... 

There is lots of things to see on the railway.

St. Bernards Station
St. Bernards Station is the railways main station with 4 platforms.

The Cable Cars.
That this moment in time the cable cars aren't working, but all the same the buildings can still be admired. They were hand built from scratch.

Priory Heights Station
This is the highest Railway Station on the line. The station severs frequent trains from the rack line and is a popular station with the tourists.

Priory Heights Village
Also known as the Village on the hill.

Priory Station
The other end of the rack! This Station severs the large community of toy town.

The Park
Where everyone goes for a nice day out.

 The Rack line
It runs from the bottom to the top of the railway.

The Crossing
Where trains and cars meet.

The Engine Shed
Where locos get ready for a hard days work.

The Hillbillys
Under the Viaduct

The Castle
Over looks the railway.

The west African society

St. Bernard's Viaduct
Build by Andrew Pearson and open on 1st September 2004

The Bridge.
Used to get cattle from the farm to market.

The Viaduct over the pond Kew
Built in 2007. Can you count how many gold fish are in the pond?

There is so much more to see on the railway so next time you come down...see what else you can find.

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