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At the CFR we run many different types of trains from all around the world including:

Standard gauge DB
European Vintage Steam
Narrow gauge Austrian
Thomas and Friends


All our British engines are Live Steam Locos. Because they are working models like the real thing they have there own area of the website which can be reached by clicking on this link HERE!

Standard gauge DB

DB 218's
These locos are made by PIKO and see lots of work at the CFR. The CFR based fleet had a few problems in Winter 2010 which meant that several parts, mainly the gears, had to be replaced. These locos have since been fixed and provide a good service. Between us, there are 15 +  218's that run at the CFR. The loco comes in several different liveries and a few of the CFR home fleet have been weathered.

On left is a picture of CFR member Sam's 218 in red livery sitting in (what was) the far bay. This has since been changed to a through road.

DB V60's
             These very powerful locos arrived at the CFR in December 2009. One of the four locos is not very reliable and sees little use. However the other 3 seem to be working well.  They are made by PIKO. We have 3 in the livery below and 1 in a blue and cream livery. They rarely see use on the railway but this may change over the next few months!

On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's V60 on the CFR.

DB Taurus's
                  These locos are made by PIKO however, they are not anywhere near as reliable as PIKO's other locos. We have 4 of these locos and they only ever run about twice a year!

On left is a picture of CFR member Tony's Taurus running at the CFR.

Electric LCE Trains
                           This train is made by LGB. It is a very reliable set. It is a 6 unit train with 2x 1st class coaches, 1x LCE buffet and 1x 2nd class coach. This set is only ever seen from time to time on the CFR as it is not based there.

On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's LCE train running on a wet day at the CFR.

Battery LCE Trains
                          This train is made by NQD and is R/C. It is becoming a more reliable set after having the Radio control changed on it. It is a 3 unit train with 1x 2nd class coach. It runs on 7.2v rechargeable batteries.

On left is a picture of CFR member Tony's LCE train running in the sun at the CFR.


European Vintage Steam

           This very nice 'U' class loco is made by LGB. It runs very well like an LGB should! We have 1 of these locos at the CFR and can be seen on Austrian running days with OBB coaches.

On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's Zillertal in the shed at the CFR.

Rack loco
              This Great little loco is made by LGB. After some time we managed to get her fixed in 2011 after her being out of service for nearly 3 years! Sadly this loco is no longer able to run on the rack line with the rack rail as the the gear underneath the loco has worn away after being used so much.

On left is a picture of CFR owner Paul's rack loco in the rack station in 2006.

Frank S
            This LGB loco is now the only one running at the Charnwood Forest Garden Railway. It runs very well and isn't used as much as it should. We hope to run this more in 2012 as it is such a nice engine that should be seen working! 

On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's Frank S at the top of the shed road.

         This loco is made by LGB and there is not many G scalers that don't have one of these as it is the starter set loco. These little locos might be small but they can pull a real good load for there size. We have several different formats of this loco, some with tenders, some as a tank. There is so many of them it is hard to count! At least 30+ of these locos run at the CFR in lots of different colours!

      On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's Stainz.

loco is made by PIKO. They are very cheap for what they are but very good at the same time. CFR members Tony and Sam both own one of these locos and can be seen working on small goods trains on Saturdays.

On left is a picture of CFR member Tony's BR80 at the CFR

                      These lovely little 0-4-0's look the best just pulling a few small goods wagons. There are 3 on the CFR, 2 green and 1 black.

On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's 995005 at the CFR

             This 0-6-0 LGB model is now the last remaining one of the CFR fleet. Bought by CFR member Scott to keep at least one of the original 8 locos running on the railway. This loco can pull a nice sized load and looks great with passenger trains as well as mixed goods.
On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's Corpet at the CFR

Steam Tram
                       This doesn't look like your normal steam train but its just under a different body! Not often seen at the CFR these days but from time to time makes an appearance. This 0-4-0 model is made by LGB.
On left is a picture of CFR member Scott's 99821 at the CFR

Narrow gauge Austrian

         This train is made by LGB and have proven that over time they are very reliable. We now only have one of these locos owned by CFR member Sam who likes to describe them as 'A fine looking loco!' Which I can't disagree with!

Above is a picture of CFR member Andy's 2095 waiting at the top of the shed road on a nice sunny day at the CFR

          Another train made by LGB although at the CFR they see little service. We have two of these locos both can be seen in the picture below. One in a green livery and the Other in Red and Cream.

On left is a picture of CFR owner Paul's 2091 waiting in the shed at the CFR.

         We now have 3 of these locos, 2 in black and one in maroon. Made by LGB they live up to there very reliable standards. One has recently changed hands to CFR member Sam who is most pleased with his new loco in his fleet!

On left is a picture of CFR member Andy's 2092 in the snow at Dybbstalbahn

V 51 
       The Noisy diesel! We have 2 of these LGB made locos at the CFR. One of which has been fitted with a very good very loud sound system.

On left is a picture of CFR owner Paul's V 51 waiting in the loop at the CFR

                This shunting loco is made by LGB and there are two at the CFR. The one below is CFR member Sam's. It is a very reliable loco and perfect for shunting.
On left is a picture of CFR member Sam's loco waiting in the shed at the CFR.



We are currently updating this Area of the Site! Check back soon for updates...

Thomas and Friends

A railway wouldn't be a railway without Thomas and the gang. The CFR has an ever growing collection of the Thomas range. Our G Scale Thomas & Friends™ collection is made by Bachmann Trains and are great fun for the whole family to watch. Thomas & Friends™ is owned by HIT Entertainment. These do not run every weekend! They normally run on children's event, to find out when the next one of these is visit our Events page or send us an email at .


He can often be seen working with his two coaches Annie and Clarabelle or shunting trains a St.Bernard's Station. 


Percy normally pulls trucks from the goods yard to their destinations before going back to pull his tanker train. From time to time, Percy is allowed to pull Emily's green coaches.


The newest engine to join the gang is James. Usually pulling big express goods trains, James is the strongest engine in the fleet. There is nothing more that James likes to do that stop down in the sheds for a rest after a hard few hours work! 

On children's events, you have the chance to drive Thomas, Percy or James for just £2 for 5 minutes! This is sure to make any day out more memorable. For all the info about Drive a train, Click here.

Look out for Emily joining Thomas and his friends soon....


Please note! Because we have many different trains, we can not guarantee that the train you come to see will be running, if you want to see a particular train(s) running, it might be worth Emailing us at: if you want to know the next time it will be running, Thank you.


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